The Band


~ Playwright/Producer/EARLY NEIL DIAMOND ~

Jason Lohrke

Why would good friends choose to believe in a dream and pursue a vision together?  Why would they join their talents and passions to create an experience unlike any other? Because doing what makes us feel alive, and helping to care for other people along the way is what makes most of us love the life we are given by out Creator!

This is an originally written theatre production or tribute concert about the early years of Neil Diamond’s music career,  “Jason Lohrke As Early Neil Diamond” will take you back in time through this new and highly reviewed  SHOW. (See Reviews Here)  Be immersed mind, body, and soul with all the sight, sound, vision, feel, spirit, of “Classic Neil Diamond ” all while remembering when and where you heard Early Neil’s legendary songs for the first time.

Travel through time with the Playwright & Performing Artist/Impressionist Jason Lohrke as early Neil Diamond.  Join in the story teller’s years as you walk in his shoes and get an ‘Up Close’ and ‘Personal Experience’ of Neil Diamond’s life, history & music like you have never heard before.  The era of show performance is set during the mid 1960’s, 1970’s, and to the epic songs from the acclaimed movie & soundtrack, “The Jazz Singer” in 1980.  And it’s all performed with an incredible live band. Jason lives in Southern California and enjoyed Neil Diamond’s music at the very early age of 6 because his mom playing his albums over & over again.

Jason became a musician himself…  writing, becoming a signed recording artist, and playing live music in several different rock bands nationwide and internationally.  Jason has come to love, deeply admire, & highly respect the mass volumes of amazing songs Neil Diamond has written through the years. Jason says, “Neil Diamond is an incredibly dynamic live performer!  And his creative song writing/artistry comes from vast emotional depths, in which he most often times uses real life experiences to craft his music.  I believe this is why so many of his songs have touched so many of our lives in some beautiful way or another.  It’s an exciting honor to recreate Neil Diamond’s music & story with an incredible band who are all professional musicians and good friends of mine.  What a blast and a gift from God to be able to perform Neil Diamond’s legendary and timeless music..!” 

“I AM… Neil Diamond, I SAID” is an original, first and only musical about the early life of Neil Diamond. Written and produced by Jason Lohrke, who also becomes early Neil Diamond in the production, taking the audience in time. He shares true and fascinating stories of his childhood, teenage, and early adult years in Brooklyn, and Tin Pan Alley in New York City. All the scenes are packed with an incredible live band performance of Neil’s legendary songs. These were and are the legendary hits that moved Diamond into his international superstardom of the 1970’s and the epic Motion Picture Soundtrack, ‘The Jazz Singer.”  To date Jason and his band have performed over 120 shows at the Welk Theatre in San Diego, CA since 2017 along with concerts at other venues.

Filled with surprising points of drama, humor, sadness, excitement, disappointment, hope, loss, and tons of infectious inspiration.  It is a true story lined with surprising and entertaining facts about the rags to riches life of one of the world’s most beloved and celebrated musical legends of all time, Neil Diamond.  Most of the scenes take you through the early part of his struggling years as a shy songwriter into his eventual international performances as a superstar.  It portrays Neil’s belief of when you pursue doing something you love with passion, along with hard work, and add some pure luck… life just might fulfill those big dreams and produce a diamond.  

~ Drummer ~

John MacElwee

I’ve always felt a connection to music and started playing drums as a teenager.  Neil Diamond’s songs are masterfully dynamic in every way and are like comfort food for my soul. It is an honor to be in this band and feast for my ears whenever we’re together. Although so many of Neil’s song rival first place in my book, I’d say “Shiloh” is probably my fave.


~ Lead Guitarist ~

Dan Lipsey

~ Bass Guitar ~

Terry Moran 

Keyboards/Vocals ~

Ina Soliz


~ Percussion ~

Bert Sanchez

Magic! Neil Diamond is truly just that for me. I have always enjoyed the spirit of his songs and what they represent to millions; me being one of them. Luckily, as a drummer/ percussionist for most of my life, I am now able to express the joy that his music has always brought me. Amongst my favorites is “Longfellow Serenade” for its obvious musical expressions of unencumbered love. It is my honor to interpret these melodies with my fellow artists.